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University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus

Department of Humanities

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Profesional Experience

1990 – Present              University of Puerto Rico                                      Rio Piedras Campus


College of General Studies

Courses: Humanities (Introduction to the Study of Western Civilization), Bioethics and Human Rights, Research Ethics, Puerto Rican Thought and National Reality and Organization, Methods and Principle of Knowledge

College of Natural Sciences

Bioethics (Introduction) 2013-2014

2013  University of Puerto Rico     Río Piedras Campus

Acting Dean            College of General Studies

2011  University of Puerto Rico       Río Piedras Campus

Acting Associate Dean of Academic Affairs          College of General Studies


2008-2009       The Eugenio María de Hostos Chair             University of Puerto Rico

1994-1998  Chairman

Department of Humanities          College of General Studies


1986 – 1990                        Inter American University of Puerto Rico               San German Campus

Instructor and Academic Counselor

Undergraduate courses: Introduction to the Spanish Language, Writing and Composition, Spanish American Literature I-II, Introduction to Spanish Literature, Generation of 1898, Prose and Poetry of the Golden Age and Masterpieces of World Literature


Graduate coursesThe Teaching of Spanish as a Second Language


1982 – 1985                        Kean University           Union, NJ

Director of the Foreign Languages Laboratories


1979 – 1980                        Newark Emergency Services for Families            Newark, NJ

Social Worker and Specialist in Social Services Coordination

1977 – 1979                        Latin American Cultural Council-School for Latin  American Workers    Newark, NJ.  Sponsored by

                                             Rutgers Universiity

Administrative Coordinator and Teacher of Spanish and Social Sciences


Part time


1985                               Rutgers University               New Brunswick, NJ

Course: Elementary Spanish II. Coordinator of this course.

1985                               Seton Hall University           South Orange, NJ

Courses: Elementary Spanish I-II

1980 – 1985                   Essex County College        Newark, NJ

Courses: Cultural History of Puerto Rico and Western Civilization

1984                               Montclair State University    Upper Montclair, NJ

Courses: Masterpieces of Spanish American Literature and Cultural History of Latin America


1980 – 1984                   Newark Public Library          Newark, NJ


1980 – 1982                   Fordham University              Bronx, NY

Courses: Elementary Spanish, Intermediate Spanish and Spanish as a Native Language

1981 – 1982                  Passaic County College       Paterson, NJ

Courses: History of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean and History of Latin America

1981 – 1982                 Lehman College (CUNY) Bronx, NY

Couses: Contemporary Literature of Spain and Latin America



1985 – 1991                  Rutgers University                New Brunswick, NJ

Doctor of Philosophy

Specialization: History of Ideas in Latin America (Colonial and XIX Century), Special interest in Literary and Philosophical Essay

General Areas of Study:  Spanish Medieval and Golden Age Literature /   Contemporary Spanish Literature

1980 – 1982                     Fordham University                   Bronx, NY

Master of Arts

Latin American Language, Literature and Culture

1974 – 1979                    Montclair State University          Upper Montclair, NJ

Bachelor of Arts

Hispanic Studies & Philosophy

Studies for the BA also conducted at Pontifical Catholic and Inter American Universities of Puerto Rico and at Rutgers-Newark


Other studies

2022    University of British Columbia (ICW edX) 

Professional Certificate on Online Teaching for Educators: Development and Delivery


2021      The University of Edinburgh (Coursera)

Philosophy, Science and Religion: Science and Philosophy

2021      University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus

Professional certification in prevention of sexual harassment, domestic violence, discrimination, and equity in employment

2021     Autonomous University of Madrid

Pedagogy of death for teachers and families

2021     Johns Hopkins University (E-Learning)

Understanding the Covid-19 Pandemic

2021      Harvard University (edX)

The Health Effects of Climate Change

2021      Stanford University (Coursera)

COVID-19 Training for Healthcare Workers

2020      World Health Organization (WHO)

Emerging respiratory viruses, including COVID-19: methods for detention, prevention, response and control


2020      Johns Hopkins University            Baltimore, MD

Covid-19 Contact tracing


2020      University of Puerto Rico                                             Río Piedras Campus

Professional certification as online educator and creator of virtual courses for professors of UPR-RP


2016                           FELAIBE/Central University of Chile

Updating graduate course in Research Ethics


2013                           National Autonomous University of Mexico

Certificate of Education in Human Rights


2007-2008                 National University of Mar del Plata   Argentina

Bioethics and Philosophy


2008                           Oxford University                           England

Playing God: An Introduction to Bioethics


2008                             Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences   Argentina

Clinical Bioethics


1980                             City University of New York         New York, NY

Doctoral Studies in Spanish


1978                              Rutgers University                        Newark, NJ

Certificate in History of Puerto Rico


1977                               New York University                    New York, NY

Certificate in American English



Bioética y tragedia humana (Con unas reflexiones básicas sobre la vida y la muerte). Sevilla: Universo de Letras (Grupo Planeta), 2020. 196.

Paperback and E-book

Eutanasia y la ayuda a morir: Una dimensión humanista. San Juan: Ediciones Philo-Sophos, 2017. 141. Paperback and Kindle.

Humanidades, Bioética, Derechos humanos. San Juan: Ediciones Philo-Sophos, 2013. 209. Paperback and Kindle.

Eugenio María de Hostos: Precursor de la bioética en América Latina. Foreword by Dr. Leonides Santos y Vargas, 2010. 213. Paperback and Kindle.

Pensar y entender a Hostos. Preliminary words by Dr. Vivian Auffant. San Juan: Ediciones Situm, 2009. 213. Paperback and Kindle.

Ética a Ana Laura: Hacia una ética humanista.  Madrid: Editorial Manuscritos, 2008. 167. Paperback and Kindle.

La fragilidad humana y otros ensayos: Reflexiones humanísticas.  Madrid: Ediciones Atlantis, 2005. 76. Paperback and Kindle.

El discurso moral en Eugenio María de Hostos y otros ensayos.  Buenos Aires: Editorial Libros en Red, 2005.  116. Collection: Philosophy and Social Theory (In digital format and Paperback).

Pensamiento filosófico y literario de Eugenio María de Hostos.  In Archive of Iberian and Latin American Philosophers
and Essayists
.  Georgia:  The University of Georgia.  “Online”, Hispanic Essay Project directed by José Luis Gómez-Martínez.  2001

Hostos y su filosofía moral.  Foreword by Ernesto Álvarez. Puerto Rico: Ediciones Sociedad Histórica de Lajas, 1992.  113.

Moral y lenguaje en Hostos: Un análisis de Moral Social.  Diss. Rutgers U, 1991.  Ann Arbor, Michigan: UMI, 1991.  226.

Puerto Rico: Tema y motivo en la poesía hispánica (Antología).  New York: Senda Nueva de Ediciones, 1980.  131.

In progress:  Literature in Philosophy


Essays in books:

“Hostos, adelantado de la bioética." Simposio Pertinencia del Pensamiento de Eugenio María de Hostos en el siglo xxi. San Juan: Publicaciones Gaviota, 2011. 45-63.

"Eugenio María de Hostos ante el 98." Un cambio de siglo 1898: España, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Filipinas y Puerto Rico. José Girón Garrote, ed. Oviedo: Editorial de la Universidad de Oviedo, 2008. 319-324.

“Hostos ante el 98.”  1898: La perdida de las colonias.  Gustavo Pardo Muñiz, ed.  España: Editorial de la Universidad de Oviedo.  1999.

“Puerto Rico.”  Co-author with Carlos Ramos Mattei.  Anuario Bibliográfico 1990 – Historia del Pensamiento Ibero e Iberoamericano.  José Luis Gómez Martínez, ed. Georgia: Georgia Series on Hispanic Thought, 1993.  273-77.


Essays and Articles:

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Others articles on New York and New Jersey Spanish Newspapers.



"Eugenio María de Hostos: Un adelantado de la bioética latinoamericana (nuevas reflexiones)." Conference of Bioethics Professionals - Reflections for a Puerto Rican Bioethics Agenda. Sponsored by: Medical Sciences Campus, Graduate School of Public Health, Hostos Institute of Bioethics, Pan American Health Organization. Keynote Speaker. May, 2011.

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“Hostos como precursor de la bioética.” University of Puerto Rico-Medical Sciences Campus, Graduated School of Public Health, Hostos Institute of Bioethics.  Short Course-Keynote Speaker.  June, 2009.

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“La conciencia política en el Puerto Rico de hoy.”  Essex County College.  October 1980.  Also at Montclair State University.  October 1981.

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“Historia de la migración puertorriqueña a los E.U.”  Essex County College.  April 1980.

Talks about the life and works of E.M. de Hostos at: Super B Radio Station, Lajas, PR (January 1988); Leonides Morales H.S., Lajas, PR (January 1988); Lola Rodríguez de Tio H.S., San Germán, PR (February 1988); University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus (October 1992, September 1993, June 1995).

Radio talks on Puerto Rico history and culture at Wado Radio Station, New York with Gilda Mirós.  1984 – 1985.

Talks about my book Puerto Rico: Tema y motivo en la poesía hispánica at: Lajas Cultural Center –ICPR (1982), Montclair State University (1981), Brooklyn College (1981), EPRAN (1981), Newark Public Library (1981).

Moderator at: XI Encuentro Caribeño, Inter American University of Puerto Rico, San Germán Campus (March 1988) and at the Congreso Internacional sobre el Caribe, Inter American University, San Germán Campus (October 1987).

Others Professional Activities

Editor of La Revista de la Sociedad Histórica de Lajas.  1992 – 1996

Member of the Editorial Board of Revista de Estudios Generales.  1993-2004.

Literary Consultant for Revista/Review Interamericana.  1986 – 1989.

Consultant for the Puerto Rican Board of Higher Education 1996-1998.



Spanish, Portuguese and English.  Reading knowledge of French and Italian.  Limited knowledge of Ancient Greek and Latin.


Awards and Recognitions

The Eugenio María de Hostos Chair of Honor of the University of Puerto Rico. 2008-2009.

International WHO’S WHO of Professionals – 2001 Edition.

WHO’S WHO Historical Society.

Certificate of Recognition “for promoting and dignify the quality of life of the Cardenalician City.”  Club Altrusa Premia 2001.  International Altrusa Club, Inc.  Lajas, Puerto Rico.  2001

Certificate of merit because “he has been fundamental in our mission to extend horizons through the continued education”.  University of Puerto Rico, Division of Continued Education and Extension, 1997.

Certificate of Merit by the Puerto Rican Association of Teachers of Spanish.  1988.

Teaching assistantship by Rutgers University, New Brunswick. 1985.

Plaques of recognition by students L.A.C.C. and Essex County College.

Teaching fellowship by Fordham University. 1980-1983.

Homage for book publication by Newark Public Library.  1981.

Certificate of recognition for the coordination of Students Activities by Rutgers University.  1977.

Poetry Award by the Spanish Department of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, San German Campus.  1976.


Professional associations to which I have belonged

Association of Hispanic Philosophy

Oxford Philosophical Society

Philosophical Society of Puerto Rico

Historical Society of Lajas.  President (1987 – 1991); vice-president (Since 1991).  Founder member

Pan American Cultural Circle.  Member of the Executive Board with the position of National Delegate (1994 – 1995)

Modern Language Association

Rutgers Alumni Association

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